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We are continue building bridges and help several projects to grow. You can easily check here our latest (short-note) news from our partners, clients and friends.



We are attending the Web Summit in Lissabon

We'd love to network and that is exactly what we are going to do on 1 till 4 november in Lissabon during the WebSummit. Want to meet us in person? Contact us and let's setup a meeting!



Cheems - The Home of Meme.Tech

Heard about Cheems already? With Meme.Tech their vision is to become the one-stop-shop for all meme token developers and investors on the blockchain. Launched in November 2021.

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Ibiza NXT 2022

Ibiza NXT is the first Ibiza's Web3 and blockchain conference powered by Ibiza Token, a project that constantly makes efforts to educate citizens, companies, and institutions about the potential of new technologies. Do we see you there?



Fundraising for Wild EXOplanet started

Wild EXOplanet is an adventure Play-and-Earn auto battler game in the Space Western setting. Check our their official pitchdeck here and help us with fundraising to continue the development of the demo.



UnoRe re-launching affiliate program

UnoRe is build for one thing: Making insurance accessible in the crypto space Today they are re-launching their affiliate program with a focus on empowering our affiliates to drive revenue. Apply here!



Yoomoota - The Birth of a new Universe

YOOMOOTA is a reflection of the inner world and natural structure of a human being, which materializes into a parallel universe with its own planets. A partner-project what we share with pride.

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Official Website FestAdventure is LIVE

We are super proud to share our brand new identity (created by ROSH Studio's) for Check out our official website and hop in our first  interactive demo festival landscape.

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Virtual Office: Resistance DAO

We are happy to announce that we are officially accepted as a virtual business into the Resistance DAO virtual office. Together with hundreds of other Web3 companies, we are networking and sharing work.



New Project by A Mi Manera: FestAdventure

Let's think outside the box and imagine a place where you can gather with your friends wherever you are! Together with Metadventure we are currently building a Web3 hype tool for the festival industry.



Bit2Me to onboard 100k blocked crypto users.

On July 10, Spanish cryptocurrency trading platform 2gether shut down its free trading services, citing its inability to justify its related operational costs due to crypto winter. Bit2Me is helping out.



SphynxLabs App live in both stores now

The time we’ve all been waiting for has finally reached us. Sphynx Labs is beyond excited to share the journey with each and everyone of you. Download, explore and let's enjoy our journey to mass adoption.



ReBlok NFT Land Sale LIVE in Bloktopia

Become a virtual landlord to some of the largest projects in crypto. 10% APY guaranteed for life. Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse built and backed by Polygon (MATIC). 



Metadventure - Build your own Metaverse

Be ready, soon you will be able to explore thousands of different metaverses with your Woka Gen1. More than just NFT Art, your Woka Gen1 will be your reliable avatar granting you access to metaverses. 



D-Drops World App is live - Let's hunt!

D-Drops introduces a whole new layer to the physical world filled with Crypto Treasures and NFT’s. You can NOW download the app in both stores. Check the website, download and start playing.



New Website A Mi Manera is live

With our expanding business requests and more and more work related to Web3 - Rijssenbeek had made a perfect split between Web2 and Web3. Check out everything now >

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Free NFT Mint for The Creator Platform: Edge

Become an Edge Creator in less than 10 minutes and start enhancing your performance. Together with BlackBear, we helped writing the strategic marketing plan for their free drop and official mint event.